Milhões de Fita – Milhões de Festa

3 k7´s, one of each day of the fest,containing 10 tracks each.

Line up:


Side A

Plus Ultra “Trust is for the weak”
Larkin “inject some Blood”
Evols “Waves of Fire”
Tren go! Soundsystem “East West”
Black Bombain “Complication”

Side B

Men Eater “Last Season”
Captain Ahab “After the party”
the Glockenwise “Bless us Dora, for we have sinned”
Tony from Eustachian “Pentagrams all up my Bling Bling”
SickBoy “the dream experiment”


Side A

Crisis “True Colors”
ALTO! “Syphillis”
Appaloosa “Sinister”
Aspen “Autopsy Headcrush”
Feia Medronho “Indio”

Side B

Long Way to Alaska “bad Bears”
Lululemon “Mojo Jojo”
Throes “Ad Lib”
Gold Panda “You”
Hounds of Hate “i like triangles”


Side A

Sunflare “Black Magic Men”
Za! “megaflow”
Crystal Figthers “In the summer (Brookes Brothers Remix)”
Extraperlo “Bañadores”
Tigre Defeciente “Bikini evolution”

Side B

Karma to Burn ” Forty Six”
Dreams “Step4 (Hands in the air, Say goodbye…All the good things in life)”
Bo Ningen “Maguro”
Riding Pânico “One winged Cessna”
Monotonix “Other side”

50 copies of each days.



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